Independent Signatories of
the Ecosexy Manifesto.

We are discovering better ways to excite us
on this planet both through our orgasms
and through those we provoke.
With these experiences we have learned to value:

  • Ecosystems and Sexuality over corporations and especulative actions.
  • Nudism in Nature over drugs and useless devices.
  • The Ecosexual Development over the interest of the armament industry.
  • The disarmament Eroticism over religious fundamentalism.
  • The ecosocial Diversity over antisocial discrimination.
  • Global & orgasmic Laughter over repressive unconsciousness.

That is, we, accepting the unhealthy in the elements on the right, are much more excited with the healthy of those on the left.


Send us a email if you wanted to sign &/or to support the manifesto.

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