Principles of the Ecosexy Manifesto

We follow these principles:

Our highest priority is environmental creation
through conservation, recovery and promotion
of forests and natural aquifers.

We accept eco-social changes that look for women
and children. Less gentrification is exciting;
sustainable rural urbanism eroticizes us.

We support the opportune economic actions. Do what
relying on the 10 commandments of Moses, is ecosexy.
We believe in the internal guide to take care of ourselves.

Nature and all the senses of the econudists
they work together in a therapeutic way
when they find.

It motivates us to take care of our health with natural remedies
and not with artifacts or artificial drugs.
Our joy and happiness are true states.

In our intimacy eroticizes us: to laugh at the absurd
of the human development issues disconnected from its environment.
We feel embarrassed by that people who doesn´t respect nature..

Affective physical contact is the essential basis and measure
of the sustainable development and progress.

The ecosexys processes promote erotic art to control the industry of arms.
The ecosexual activism is artistic and the "Nude Art Arms Fair"
an improvised voluntary process, open and of indefinite rhythm.

Daily attention for self-love, personal care
and the elegant natural appearance improve the ecosexuality.

Simplicity, or the art of getting pregnant with what we love
and taking care of its usefulness is essential. Tightening embracing little is ecosexy.

The best orgasms, communities and sustainable innovations
emerge from the self-organization of activists between mountains.

At regular intervals ecosexys activists reflect on
how to make your activism more effective to then adjust and
perfect your actions accordingly.

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