Author(s): The Ecosexy Manifesto

Banksy le rat wrote "We are not involved in this project" when someone sent him by mail an urban artwork photo made in our Academy. He was not personally & voluntary involved in "diBanksy Academy" project but his creative activity, like his reference artist Blek le rat, inspired us and the "Nude Art Arms Fair" iniciative too. Maybe he could has been inspired by the CLS commander in the beggining of his arts development but this was not oficially confessed until today. Now, he could confess that hates every note which involves his works with "diBanksy Academy" uncontrolled activity but nobody gives him an option; like the people who suffers the urban arts of Bristol Scene. Maybe the existence of these iniciatives it´s the proof that there is a Divine Justice which involves everything or maybe not. In anyway; "XXX from your occupied Academy, Banksy." ¡Hahahaha!

JR is a "reconnu" graffiti artist of his sign who with his works in Brasil "favelas"-ghetto & in the shame wall inspired the adaptation of "nude art arms project". He inspired us in the same way that Banksy. This project is a nuclear fusion of their projects Inside out and the banksy support for Art the arms fair. The key is that our iniciative uses portaits of nude girls to promote local-global disarmer. And the faith in this way guide us to promote the local forestation & the recognition of the right to smile in the first Human Right for this ecosocial revolution. JR was selected to inspired us, as Banksy artist was, because in a non voluntary way he was a promoter of nude art arms project too. As a part of the history of this manifiest he was called to be emotionally involved in this project so he was selected to be one of non authorized signs of the the ecosexy manifiest. As everybody who appears as "Author(s)" who serve us as a reference or for inspire us. In the other side, he was voluntary involved in the project Guns in America so we suspect he is not angry with us to send him the photos of nude art arms fair Ecosexy models made for graffiti portaits. Thanks JR, for your emotional support, we love Nude Art the Arms fair too!

"It's just a fine and subtle kind of therapy and an attempt to fill the emptiness of this terrible world, to cover public space with pictures that people going to work can enjoy." Blek Le Rat Stencil Manifesto.

deLambsy is the founder and activist of the CLS -Commander for the Liberty of Surrealism- who was been inspiring another forms of urban art (like Bristol scene) since 1999 A.C (Ethiopian Calendary). But, with his humble, he confess that he just tries to note the natural expressions of Surrealism who has been seeing since he was awake on arts´ world. Like the reivindication born from the ngo spanish clowns without borders: "We believe the first human right will be completed when it said: All men were born free & equal in dignity and rights; with Right to Smile and to make laught others." And he proposals to teach this before of diBanksy Academy, artworks & artists, was. One day he was a shocked for this local arterrorist attempt when he saw it and he works to promote the revolutionary Right to Smile since then.

Annie Sprinkle is the lost root who connects sexual industry with women´s hearts. Her work with the Ecosexual definition in their ecosexual manifiest helped us to define the ecosexy manifiest. She is a funny artist who creates with the positive vibration of life in health. So she is the nude opera queen for the Global Ecosexual world in progress which promotes the Nude Art Arms Fair. The best definition we can imagine about her royal Mother Earth person is that She is "Hard to come by, and harder to hold"; like told us the song "More", singing by Andrew Eldritch.

Leona Johansson, founder of the first Ecoporn NGO called Cultura Sparbank, who is known for to take founds with nude activists and explicit sexual acts exhibicionism. Their performances were inspired, in a first moment, for Annie Sprinkle postporn projects and later her activism was moved to preserve natural forest ecosystems in south america. Her Rastafari erotism was the promoter of Ecosexualized manifiest who later was adapted in the ecosexy manifiest with the help & inspiration of the Annie Sprinkle works. She was born to love and we love her.

Green Valley Band is the music band which describes the primary positive & creative pulse which move us. Like the primary cry of a child who moves us to see the world free of Arms Fairs and full of forest. So, they were the first to support in a emotional way the work beggining for Leona Johansson activism & Annie Sprinkle ecosexual manifiest. They are the redemption song which saves us of slave pain in this gothic world of Arms Fairs.

Eva Julian is our musician therapist. She fights for the recognition of sound and life, to health us in this world of polution. She carried us the cry of the Nature which advises us that our technological "security" is just an illusion. In this world full of noise she brights us the opportunity to heard this pulse of mother nature which invite us to change our mentality. We know that the people won´t change & they will continue in the destroyer way that the human world is but we enjoy being in health listening the positive vibration she offers us.

Daine Blaze is a soldier of One Army Entertainment who join us. We reivindicate the Crown of descendeants of Solomon in the kingdom of North (Israel & Palestine) and in the historic kingdom of South (Ethiopia & Eritrea). The legendary Empire of the Arc of Convenance under the flag we made it for their kings. So One Day an Army Entertainment will Unite Zion of north and south. The Victory is for Our One God! Glory for Its Name! Long Life to the selected Kings by his powerful Hand!. The shame wall shuts down! We see them crowned by the hand of the Almighty! One Love! Selassie is in our Chapel.

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